Sunday, February 22, 2009

What the future holds

I feel that lately what I am going to do after my Greaterworks year and Youthworks summer is up. I have been looking on some sights like Youth Specialties, Church Staffing, and Idealist to see what is available out there now that I could really see myself doing. When my "boss" Amanda came I talked to her about being worried and we talked about it and it made me feel better and so I stopped worrying about it as much. Then, soon after that I pretty much got a job offer from the Salvation Army for a full time position here in Monessen. It is pretty tempting to want to jump and be sure I have a job. It just scares me that maybe it is not what I am suppose to be doing. I was talking to my roommate Bryan about it and he said something really interesting- "Whatever you do as long as your serving God, even if it wasn't what you were suppose to be doing, He will work through you wherever you end up." It's just crazy that I could be in Monessen longer than expect.

It's so interesting the way God works in your life and put twist and turn in there and you just have to trust in Him to continue leading you through life. I just pray that I will listen to Him, hold on tight and go where he send me.

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  1. Brenna! Seriously? I know you wrote this a couple weeks ago, but have you decided anything? Crazy! We should you! --Caroline