Friday, July 24, 2009

The summer is winding down...

Wow, there is only 2 more weeks of the summer left! Where did this summer go? Who knew I would travel this much. God had some great plans for me this summer and I am glad I got to follow Him to all of these places. He introduced me to great people who love God and some great youth!

I try not to plan a lot in the future, but I also have to be realistic and I frankly, I am nervous when I get home. I get home the 11th of August and leave home the 16th of August. In that time I have to pack my life up and get pack it into my car to move to Monessen to start my job on the 18th. I also am in a wedding on the 15th, lets just say its going to be a crazy couple of days. Hopefully when I get to Monessen and all moved in things will start to settle down (but I doubt it :P)

I found out last week that I will be in the Southeast the rest of the summer, so I booked my flight home. Its crazy to think that New Orleans could be my last stop before home. I love the staff here, they are all great. I also miss the staff from Philly and Birmingham. I know that they're doing great though, they were some solid staff!

I cannot wait to go to the Southeast exit RAMP and see some new faces and see some friends that I haven't seen in a while that are in this region. God is funny the way he brings friends together and I am excited to see who I am going to know there!

Friday, July 17, 2009


So last Sunday I got a call and a few hours later I was on my way to New Orleans, Louisiana. I never saw that coming. They needed my help here because next weekend is the national ELCA convention, which happens every 3 years, and it is being held here in New Orleans; so they called in reinforcements. The staff here is great, I really connected with them right away. I also cannot believe that I just finished my 5th week of programing and that there is only 3 weeks left! I feel like this summer is flying by!

Wow, who would have thought I would have ended up in NOLA. God is so great and truly knows the ultimate plan. I love that all I can do this summer is trust that and know that I am going where God wants me to go.

One great thing about being here is that I might be able to see some old friends from school that have moved down here! She has recently gotten married and I was really sad to have missed her wedding, but now that I am down here I can see her. I hope I get to see some of my other friends as well that have moved down here.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who would have guessed!

I just had my first week in Birmingham and it was great! The staff is awesome and I get along with them really well. I am so lucky to come to a staff that is so great, I couldn't be any luckier.

A funny thing happened this week. I was in the kitchen on Sunday making dinner for the groups coming and one of the things that happens when the kids arrive is that they get a tour of the building and go through the kitchen and the first group comes through and I am busy working on dinner and here, "Oh my goodness, its Brenna." I was a little confused as to why they were so excited to see me, they didn't know me (or so I thought). I look up and it's a group that was at my site last summer in Osage! It was so great to see them again. God works in mysterious ways. He totally knew I was a little nervous to start at a whole new site, not knowing the building very well yet, or even the town and that I could use a something that is familiar and he did. It was such a blessing to be able to reconnect with these kids.

All in all the first week here was great and I am excited for what God has for me here, as long as I am here. God is good :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Birmingham, here I come!

So I got my first move of the summer! I got a call Thursday night and was on a plane Friday morning to Birmingham, AL. I spent all day on planes and in the airport and arrived in Birmingham around 6:40. It has been a crazy and long past few days, but I knew this was part of my job and am really excited to see what Birmingham is like and how I can help serve the team here!

God knew that I was getting complacent there, He knew that it was "easy" for me to stay in Philly. Plus, the Philly team is rockin' and can do great with the four of them, I am excited to hear about the rest of their summer! I am sad to leave, but excited to see all of what God has in store for me here. I am fully trusting in God this summer that He will lead me where I am suppose to go and where I can best help/fit.

If you would like to be praying for the staff here and for staying healthy and for the girl who is sick that she gets better. Also just pray that we can all get along well and that I will be a help, not a hindrance to this team.