Friday, February 6, 2009

Am I doing enough?

I am reading this book called Under the Overpass and it's about these 2 guys who choose to be homeless for 5 months in 6 different cities. They live only off of what they make from panhandling.
From reading this book it gets me so fired up when I hear them talk about churches that they went to and that the people stared and didn't welcome them or were even rude to them. In one of the cities there was a sign on a church that said no loitering, church business only. How do you loiter at a church, we should be welcoming in people that are around, not trying to keep them out. Then in another city they went to a church and before the service one of them went back and asked the pastor if they could get some food after the service and the pastor said "that's not what we do here, we worship, we can't confuse our priorities." How can a church who loves God and follows Jesus's example not help out the needy.
The sad thing is out of all of the towns there was only one church that offered to help them, gave them food money, and new sandles and this was a church for the homeless people.
I hate when I read things like this and would really love to do something about it. I just pray that if someone were to walk into the church that I attend, no matter what they looked like I would be welcoming and willing to help in anyway I could. I know from experiences of moving a lot in the past year and not really having a home church that it doesn't make you feel very welcomed at a church when no one will talk to you. I really hope that the I can keep myself in check and really reach out to the people who need it.

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