Saturday, July 4, 2009

Birmingham, here I come!

So I got my first move of the summer! I got a call Thursday night and was on a plane Friday morning to Birmingham, AL. I spent all day on planes and in the airport and arrived in Birmingham around 6:40. It has been a crazy and long past few days, but I knew this was part of my job and am really excited to see what Birmingham is like and how I can help serve the team here!

God knew that I was getting complacent there, He knew that it was "easy" for me to stay in Philly. Plus, the Philly team is rockin' and can do great with the four of them, I am excited to hear about the rest of their summer! I am sad to leave, but excited to see all of what God has in store for me here. I am fully trusting in God this summer that He will lead me where I am suppose to go and where I can best help/fit.

If you would like to be praying for the staff here and for staying healthy and for the girl who is sick that she gets better. Also just pray that we can all get along well and that I will be a help, not a hindrance to this team.

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