Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Living Simply

So these past few weeks have been a crazy wirlwind of events. Two weekends ago I had decided to take a job in the fall with another corps in a town about 35-40 minutes from Monessen. I was really excited about what that would bring in the fall with the new officers and new corps of people. Then, the week following my acceptance of the job I foudnd out that I was gonig to start at that corps earlier than August, I would move there at the end of June! So I started preparing for that. Then, a few days after I was told I was going their at the end of June, I am told that I am going to start at Greenburg on June 13th, and that I had 2 weeks left at Monessen. It was crazy how fast things happen. I trusted God with this job and boy did he provide.

So last weekend I spend a lot of time in Gresnburg looking for an apartment and had gone to a few, but everything was just so expensive! Then on my last drive around looking for apartments I call this one number, but no one answers. I stop at the Greensburg corps to talk to my new bosses about how the search is going and I get a call from the number I had tried earlier. He tells me about the aparrtment I called about and it was way to expensive for me, but then asks if it would just be for me and told me about this efficiency apartment he had about 3 miles from the mall on a farm. I didn't really want to see it, but I figured what could it hurt to go check it out. So I leave the corps and follow my GPS to this apartment. At first when I found out where it was before seeing it I was thinking to myslef- "this could never work," but then I had to wait for the guy to get there and sat down on the swinging bench they had by a pond on the property and really it really was so peaceful and calming after a day of hectic driving and looking at apartments. When the guy showed up and showed me the apartment we went in and it was so small, but so quaint! I really felt like God was saying- I have called you to live simply! And I felt that this would be a perfect place for that.

I called him on my way back tell him I would take the place! I feel so good about this decision of moving to this apartment and think that this job is going to be really great. God is so good, with helping me get everything in order and find an apartment I need in my price range!

God is so good and faithful and it really is all in God's timing!

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  1. Brenna! So excited to hear about all of your transitions! Will you be coming to the mitten anytime soon? I know I just saw you a few weeks ago, but I miss you already!