Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's over...

Its our last day here in Moessen. I cannot believe we are actually leaving tomorrow. This is my final Greaterworks blog. It is harder to write this blog than I thought. God has taught me so much this year and I know that this is exactly where God wanted me this past year. That is always something that I worry about, am I really living out what God wants for me and now I can say for sure that this year was.

We were asked to write a final blog as a reflection of these past 8 months...heres my best shot at trying to put it in words:

- Being the hands and feet of Jesus

- True servanthood

- Passion

- Serving with all my heart

- Realizing I cannot do it all on my own/true dependance on God

- Humility

- Unforgettable Relationships

- Falling even more in love with God everyday

- Life Changing

- Indescribable

I wish I could explain it better, but words just cannot express what I have learned and how I have grown this year. If you really would like to hear about my time here in Monessen I would love to sit and talk with you!! Thanks for all the support and for following me through this amazing time of my life!

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